Is a Vintage Watch a Worthy Investment?

As we move further into the digital world, where things become smaller and mechanical items are a thing of the past, there is a big demand for classic vintage watches that are masterpieces of fine craftsmanship. While these old classic watches might be in demand, are they a worthy investment? This is a question that many people have asked, and with that in mind, here are a few important aspects to bear in mind when looking to buy vintage watches as a form of investment.

Knowing Your Watches

If you are planning on buying vintage watches for investment purposes, you really do need to start doing a lot of research before you make any purchases. Like any other valuable commodity, some brands and models are more valuable than others, and rarity is always a factor when determining the value of a vintage watch.

There are lots of free resources online that will help you to become more knowledgeable about specific makes and models. When you are ready to make a purchase, check out Kalmar Antiques, one of Australia’s leading antique dealers who have an extensive selection of top-quality, genuine vintage and antique watches at affordable prices.

Care & Maintenance

If you acquire a reasonably expensive Rolex, for example, what do you plan on doing with it? A watch that is acquired for investment purposes should never be worn on a daily basis, rather it should be used only on special occasions.

If you are looking for profit, then care and maintenance is essential. There is a time and place where it is perfect to wear your vintage piece. Other times, it is advisable that the item be stored somewhere safe in a clean and dry environment. Of course, one does want to have the pleasure that comes from wearing a classic watch.

Sought After Brands And Models

Of course, some vintage watches appreciate more than others; if, for example, you were to purchase a 25-year old Patek Phillipe Calatrava, you can expect to make a profit if you keep it for 5 years. There are other watches, however, that may not appreciate in value at all over the same period of time, so it really does depend on the watch and, of course, its condition.

Full Service History

Much like a car, a classic watch would have ownership documents and would come in a nice presentation box, plus you should have the details of each and every service the watch has undergone, and once the watch is in your possession, you should keep to the recommended service schedule, which might be anything from 2-4 years, depending on the watch.

In conclusion, a vintage watch can be a good long-term investment if you acquire the right model, and you certainly should not invest in such an item until you have more than a basic level of knowledge about vintage watches in general. There are, of course, fakes that are very difficult to distinguish from the real thing, and when you are looking to purchase a vintage watch, you are strongly advised to deal only with a reputable antique dealer that specialises in antique and vintage timepieces.

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