How Important Is Protective Clothing When Riding A Quad Bike?

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When riding a quad bike, safety is paramount and a key way in which you can protect yourself is your clothing. Whilst you will want to be streamlined in order to reach your top speeds, you will need to consider whether your apparel is adequate to protect you in the event of a crash or fall. Many aspects of what you need to wear will depend on the terrain and type of quad biking you will be doing but there are some elements which will help in any situation. Whilst it goes without saying that long sleeves and trousers are preferable, there are a number of specialist items that you should wear for added protection. Quad biking is a high-speed sport and as such it comes with the same dangers as any other type of motor sport. By ensuring that you have the getup to remain safe while riding, you can get out there and enjoy yourself without worrying.


The absolute most important element when it comes to your quad biking wear is your helmet. Damage to your head or skull is the most dangerous thing that you can do to your body, as it can result in brain damage and even death. This is why wearing a helmet is imperative to your safety and the greatest investment you can make in terms of your quad biking clothing. When you visit quad bike shops, you are likely to find a range of high quality helmets that will offer you full protection when riding. Helmets should strictly not be selected according to looks or price; instead, you should opt for one which fits correctly and has a good spec.


Although in some events you may use the visor on your helmet to cover your eyes, such as when riding on normal tarmac roads where you need a full side view, when racing or riding off road, goggles can be a better option as they give greater airflow in hot weather. This is not only more comfortable, it also means that they do not fog up when you’re riding fast. On top of this, they are easier to clean than a visor, which is handy when you are riding in dusty places. Many helmets have goggle straps so that you can remove the visor and replace it with goggles instead.


Gloves are another item that can both help to prevent injury and help increase comfort when riding. They will protect your hands in case of a fall and prevent your hands from forming painful cuts or blisters that could inhibit your ability to ride safely. They can also help you to retain the feeling in your hands when riding long distances and protect from the cold, as well as offering added grip.


Proper boots are another important element, this time for protecting your feet and ankles against both the weather and potential accidents. Boots range from general riding designs to those specifically designed for off-road sports and races. First and foremost, they should fit well and be comfortable.

Added Support

If needed, you can give your body added support and compression through various body armour like shoulder braces and kidney belts. For more tips on how to stay safe, check out a handy guide online.


There are many different designs for quad biking under garments, which provide streamlining, shock protection, ventilation and support. This can be important in terms of comfort when riding long distances or racing.

When deciding to invest in a quad bike, it is essential that you factor in the costs of buying the correct gear to remain safe and comfortable whilst riding, too. Ensure that you always put safety first and wear protective gear whenever you hit the tracks.

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