How a Monthly Sock Company Has Given Back to Its Community

You may know Say It With a Sock for the monthly subscriptions that provide one new pair of socks each month. You may think of this subscription as a fun way to get styled and funky socks from high-quality manufacturers. While all of this is true, the company does more than provide a women's and men's sock subscription. The company also gives back to the community in important ways.

Teaming Up With Lave Mae

Lava Mae is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the homeless population. Today's homeless population is made up of a wide range of people, including the following:

·         31 percent are people over the age of 50
·         30 percent are families
·         40 percent are women

While homeless people don't all look the same or come from the same background, Lava Mae knows they all have the same need for hygiene. That's why this company transforms buses into mobile showers and toilets to give homeless people a chance to bathe and get clean. How can a monthly sock subscription service aid in this important work?

Providing a Much-Requested Item

Say It With a Sock provides clean pairs of socks to the homeless people who use the showering facilities. While you enjoy your stylish socks from the monthly subscription, the service does what it can to give out new socks to those who may not be able to afford them. Did you know that a fresh pair of socks is one of the most requested items by homeless people? While it may not seem like a lot to you to have clean socks, it can make a huge difference to someone who doesn't have the tools to do laundry to get new socks after taking a shower.

If you want to support a company that gives back to its community, you need to check out the men's sock subscription. Find out more about the other services offered by Say It With a Sock by reviewing the various subscriptions and clubs available.

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