5 Ways To Pair Your Sunglasses with Any Outfit

When planning what you are going to wear, the accessories are just as important as the clothing. Owning a variety of sunglasses from a wholesaler such as Apparel Candy allows you to choose the shades that work best with each ensemble. How do you decide which one to wear, though?

1. Matching

An easy way to choose eyewear to go with your outfit is to pick a pair that matches it. If you are wearing a print, for example, select the color from the print you want to highlight, and wear sunglasses in that color.

2. Contrasting

Rather than choosing a color that blends in with your overall look, you can make a bold statement with a contrasting color. The effect can be mesmerizing. Orange shades, for instance, when worn with a blue top can make both colors seem brighter.

3. Complementing

When you are buying wholesale shades, be sure to pick out some styles that complement the wardrobe you own. Similar patterns or prints can pull an outfit together. Frames that highlight your favorite facial features can give you the confidence that comes with a polished look.

4. Striking

Unusual shapes and textures turn your functional sunglasses into the signature piece of your ensemble. For example, cat-eye frames in a bold color tend to get noticed no matter what else you are wearing. Make striking choices when a doubletake is the reaction you’re going for.

5. Popping

Like a ray of sunshine, a bright pop of color in an accessory can give an outfit a touch of whimsy. You can wear classic black or neutral colors and still dress colorfully just by picking out the color that you want to feature in your glasses.

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