Spotting A Fake Diamond Ring

Love knows no cut and no size, not even price. However, purchasing a diamond ring for your loved one is a different story when you are the type who would want only the best for the one you intend to love for the rest of your life.

While there are people who are fine with fake jewellery, there are still those who only want the real thing, especially when it comes to diamonds. The real ones such as the rings available at will last forever and its value will increase with the passage of time. So how do you know if the diamond in the ring you have just bought is an authentic one or not? Here are some things you could try to find out if what you have is the real deal or not.

The first thing to check is the sparkle of your diamond. Real diamonds sparkle. Even an emerald-cut 1 carat has its own flash. Real diamonds flash with great sparkle, especially when they are clean.

You can also rub sandpaper across a real diamond without damage. However, some of you might be too cautious and love your ring too much to even try this. In the event you bang your ring and your hand on many hard things, rest assured there will be no damage done to a real diamond, as it is one of the hardest – if not the hardest – metal known to man.

If you can’t rub sandpaper on your diamond, there is a safer way to know if what you have is an authentic one. You can try the fog test. Try to fog up a real diamond. You can’t, no matter how hard you try. If you succeed in doing so, then the diamond you have in your hand is fake.

Another test you could do to check its authenticity is to soak the loose diamond in a cup of water. A real diamond will sink to the bottom. A fake one, on the other hand, will float.

If you are unable to identify if the diamond is authentic using the tests mentioned, you can take it to an experienced lapidarist to test its quality. This is a trusted diamond expert, so you do not have to ever doubt whether to believe its findings or not. Such experts know about precious stones and you can consult them on what your loved ones would want in their jewellery.

Cutting and engraving stones is a lost art that many people are not informed well on. That is what a lapidarist does. A fake diamond cannot be cut no matter what you do because it will break. Real diamonds are rare stones and only a real specialist can turn it into jewellery. Always deal with a tried and trusted specialist like those at Ringleaders.

A diamond is the only symbol of forever, no matter what language. Being such, who would not want to see it on the finger of their beloved? Real love, especially one that has been tested with time deserves a real diamond, which was once a piece of coal that underwent great pressure before turning into a timeless beauty.

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