YOINS: Tips to make you look taller

It takes a lot of struggle for every petite girl out there to pull off something to wear, every day! Some girls have to wear heels just to fake the height and become taller.  It’s not all about the heels anyway. So here are some tips featuring some fashion items from Yoins on what to wear to make you look taller.

Flared Jeans
The flare at the bottom of fitted jeans creates an illusion of a longer leg. Make sure the hem hits the top of your heels. Waistband should hit the waistline and pair it up with a blouse that can be tucked in.

Try Maxi Skirts
It’s very common that girls usually think that maxi skirts can make them look smaller, but this is not true. Solid version with tick pleats creates a vertical line. Match it with a fitted top and tucked in. Pair it up with a cropped leather jacket and heels underneath.

Go for Shorts
Avoid the calf-length or the knee-length shorts. Being petite means either you go for a super long or a super short. Better keep it chic and not offensive and pair up with high heels. Because skin is shown, it makes legs appear longer. Just don't forget to wear sweaters to keep your fall season appropriate and some knee-high socks.  Find more trendy fashion ladies sweaters online

High-Waist Bottoms
High-waist makes the lower body look longer. Show its high waist by wearing a tucked on top.

Choose Vertical Stripes
Vertical lines trick the eye by giving a longer illusion. It’s an old trick and still working.

Use skinny Belts
It defines your natural waist and it won’t cut you in half the way thick belts can.

Wear V-necks

Choose tops with V-necklines because it gives the longer illusion.

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