Tips to make a CLEVER BABY during Pregnancy

Of course! It’s the genes that play the major role in intelligence and personality. But what you do while you are pregnant have much impact on your child’s brain development than the things we do for future intelligence after giving birth. There are some ways to make sure that those intelligence genes your baby inherited from you are “programmed” to do their thing. Let’s know how to ensure the braininess of your

1. Bond
Language foundation starts right inside your womb. Halfway through your pregnancy, your baby
can hear and respond to sounds. And by the third trimester, your baby can memorize sounds that she
hears regularly. Though you might feel silly talking to your baby, forget about that silly thing
because talking to your baby can help build your intimate relationship like you are already
bonding with your little one. You can read to your baby, or can even sing a song. Music can help
happy chemicals, like serotonin, which encourage her to be calm and contented.

2. Stay Active
Exercise can release hormones, feel-good chemicals for the baby. This can help boost the baby’s
development and can increase neurons in your baby’s brain for learning and memory. It is
recommended for expectant moms to do a 30-minute moderate exercise most of the days of the
week or you can do it every day if you want.

3. A little massage can be Great!
At your baby bump’s 20 the week your baby can feel your touch on your bump. Stroking your hand
on the bump sends a calming message on the baby’s nervous system. An unborn baby can already
distinguish the touch of her mother from her father. So, mommies, this is the best time to request
for a massage.

4. Eat Healthy
Baby’s intelligence towards food can be developed from as early as 12weeks. Read from this source.
Your baby’s taste buds are starting to develop at this time so eat flavored healthy foods. The baby
can absorb two liters of amniotic fluid a day by 25weeks.

The stages of pregnancy can be overwhelming but if you learn how to enjoy these stages will mean a
great impact on your baby. Enjoy while you can still have your baby inside you, while your child still
defends on everything you do, while you are protecting the baby inside because your womb is the safest place for a baby from harmful factors of the world. Learn about pregnancy now!

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