Top Tips For Buying Jewellery For Your Lady

With the holidays just around the corner, men are facing one age-old issue: how to pick out jewellery for the women in their lives. Good news: we’ve put together some tips to help you this holiday season.

1    1. Get the things she loves
A common mistake men make is to focus on what they like and want to see their lady wearing. But, it is important to consider the type of jewellery that she loves. Jewellery is an extension of a woman’s personality and should feel sensual and alive when she wears it. You can order online from a wide range of options to suit her style and personality.

2    2. Notice how she shops
It’s a great idea to watch how she shops when you’re out with her and see what makes her eyes sparkle or what gets her excited. Then, you can surprise her by buying that piece of jewellery for the holidays for her.

3    3. Get something sentimental
Purchase from Silver by Mail in the UK a piece of jewellery that has a history or special meaning. For instance, if you met her 20 years ago in France, a beautiful French charm bracelet is guaranteed to surprise and delight her. The item doesn’t have to be over the top of very expensive if it has tons of history or meaning behind it.

4    4. Take a peek in her jewellery box
What does your lady like to wear most? Study her carefully, and even go through her jewellery box to get a good idea of what she loves. Take note of the metals she most prefers and that colour and sizes of stones.
You may also want to take her body type into consideration. If she has an elegant, elongated neck, she will look great in long earrings.

5    5.  Listen carefully
Pay attention to her. She may well be dropping hints about her next sparkly gift.

       6. Ask a friend
If you’re really not sure about what item of jewellery to pick out for her this holiday season, talk to her friend or a close family member to get an idea of her preferences. She could well have told them exactly what she wants.

7    7. Does she love big stones? Here’s what to do
Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they’re not necessarily budget-friendly. But, if she is in to big stones, start saving now for her gift. You want her to be overwhelmed by the gesture and, of course, the bling!

8    8. But, don’t just assume that bigger is better
Don’t simply assume that she will love a knuckle-duster size stone, though. She may prefer a smaller, daintier piece that suits her finger and her lifestyle. That’s why it is important to find out exactly what she likes and wants, and that’s where snooping in her jewellery box, asking friends, and checking out what she loves comes in really handy!

Take note of the tips we’ve discussed and you’re sure to find the perfect pieces of jewellery for the woman you love.

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