Melissa Bolona's New Headshots On IMDb

If you have read the Melissa Bolona IMDb page, you probably know something about her movies.  You might know that she was in I Am Wrath, a gritty action thriller starring John Travolta.  You might also have seen Melissa Bolona in The Year of Spectacular Men, which has a more believable female empowerment message than the average romantic comedy.  Like many of her fans, you are probably anticipating the release of her upcoming film Juvenile.  If you visit her IMDb page now, you will be pleasantly surprised to see new Melissa Bolona photos by Chris Shintani.

About Melissa Bolona
Melissa Bolona is truly a citizen of the world.  She has lived in Paris, Lima, New York, and Los Angeles.  She has studied acting in both the United States and France.  Her artistic pursuits include acting, modeling, and writing.  She has appeared as a fashion model in famous magazines like Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ UK, and Vanity Fair.
Melissa Bolona has won several awards for modeling.  Beach Bunny swimwear designated her Supermodel of the Year in 2013.  Sports Illustrated magazine has also given her the “Lovely Lady of the Day” award twice.

About the New Melissa Bolona Headshots on IMDb
The new photos of Melissa Bolona on IMDb are fitting for a model like Melissa.  The photographer who took the headshots is Chris Shintani. Shintani has extensive experience as a fashion photographer.  He has photographed models wearing clothes by high-profile companies like Nike and Beach Bunny swimwear.  His photographs have appeared in magazines both in advertisements and in feature stories.  He also takes personal portraits in his photography studio in Los Angeles.
If you visit Melissa Bolona’s IMDb page, you will see her newest headshots.  You will also find out more about her upcoming movie releases.

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