Cook Healthy and Delicious Foods with The Best Air Fryers!

 I seldom post here since I have started traveling and focused on my lifestyle blog but, today I think it’s time to write an update. As I said, I did some traveling for the past few weeks and I started to feel guilty about my health. I usually have only a few hours of sleep, no proper skin care and eating fatty foods. I love fried foods especially when you dip it in a ketchup, soy sauce with lime or a vinegar full of garlic and chili. Oh well, writing this makes me drool haha!

Do you think I should stop eating fried foods? Well, I won’t but I want to try and look for alternatives on how I can still eat my favorite fried foods even when traveling without worrying the damages that it may cause to my health. We all know that deep fried foods can cause too many health problems and I don’t want to mention it all here. Let’s try to be positive and just find something to go with it. There are tools that we can use or ways of cooking foods unlike to what we’ve been seeing ever since. Now that we live in modern days, everything is possible.

I like doing research and I feel like so I just read some pros and cons of eating fried foods. There were also some tips on how you can cook your favorite fried foods differently using different cooking tools. Have you heard about air fryers? I don’t know anything about that before because at home, we just put the oil in a pan and just put all the raw ingredients like meat and it’s done. Fried foods are so easy to cook but so difficult to cure the illness that we can get from having too much of it.

As I was doing my research, I came across to the site called Your Best Picks and started reading about Air Fryers. I love cooking whenever I am at home and I am trying to invest in durable cooking tools. I heard a lot about air fryers and according to what I read online, it works by circulating hot air and needs lesser oil compared to when we cook in deep fried.

Although there are a lot of air fryers that you see online or from some stores that sell it, these air fryers may differ in quality. If you’re looking for recommendations, you can go ahead and check out the Best Air Fryers Reviews 2017 because they have done several testing and comparisons. I like that this website test and give you more options when it comes to recommendations. Aside from cooking tools, they also post articles about health, hair and other related products for you to choose. For the air fryers, they even included the model, capacity or weight, accessories and where you can buy it. Sounds cool, right? So if you’re looking for something just go and search on their website for top ten recommendations or picks.

So, let’s talk about health and some things related to it. I don’t know but as I am getting older I am more conscious about what I eat but I can’t help but skip my routines and plans especially when I am traveling. Sometimes, even when I keep telling myself that I need to eat healthy foods, I still go to the opposite and just think about the happiness that the food can give me. I am just so happy to share with you guys that I conquer my fear of traveling because back then, I hate plane ride and I feel so much separation anxiety from my home, my bed and everything in my comfort zone.

I want to learn new things and spend time with new hobbies. Cooking is one of passion but when I was still working in the corporate world, I haven’t done or pursued it. Now that I have more time because I work at home, I think it’s time to invest in cooking tools, cook books and search for recipes online.

Do you feel the same way? Don’t forget to leave your comments below and let me know what you think about this. Cheers!

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