ONSAEMEEIN Velvet Moist Lip Tint Review

Hey there loves! Today we're going to talk about my current favorite lip and cheek tint from Althea Korea. I love lip tints because the pigmentation is perfect and it lasts longer. I have been using lip tints since I have discovered Korean makeup products and skincare. Let's talk more about the Onsaemeein velvet moist lip tint that I got a few weeks ago.

I got two of the four shades of this lip and cheek tint and I love it. The first one is the berry red and the other one is the red holic. The berry red shade looks pinkish while the red holic looks like a sexy and attractive shade of red. The colors are so vivid and can make your lips fuller in just few swipes. I also like that this product is non-sticky compared to lipsticks. It also has natural oil ingredients which make a volume moist on the lips. You do not need to apply lipstick on top of it because the pigmentation lasts up to 8 hours. You may reapply after you eat or drink but it's okay.

This lip tint costs me for only 240php which is affordable. I highly recommend this to people who likes wearing lip tints especially the students. You can purchase yours at http://ph.althea.kr/velvet-moist-lip-tint. You can also check out more reviews about it on their website. This product is also good to carry for your travels if you need to pack few makeups. The bottle is made from glass and the size is just so perfect to fit inside your makeup bag.

Check more products at http://ph.althea.kr/.

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