Lovely Beards: If They Like It, Let Them Grow It!

Time's so fast and we're currently in the middle of April 2017. So how was your April so far? Here in the Philippines, we are experiencing summer already and I can see a lot of Facebook posts about beach and getaways. Some will swim, some will go there and do people watching or picture-taking.

Alright ladies, let's talk about men. We're always talking about beauty and a lot of stuff for women in this blog and today let's go something out of our main topic. Yes. It's all about muscles, broad shoulders and beards. Oh? How do you like it?

I am always fascinated with men who have hairy features especially on the face but I always wonder if those hair are soft. (Haha! this is a little bit weird). So out of curiosity I searched the internet to find out if there are products made especially for men with beards. I mean, c'mon how do they keep those beards clean and soft? By just using water and soap? I stumbled upon a website called and read more about these things that I am curious with. They offer different beard products from beard balm to beard oil. Interesting right?

I browsed their website and I was intrigued by this product called bourbon beard balm. It's the first time I discovered that there are products especially made for beard and yes they have it in different essence or flavors (if that's what they call it). This product is 100% made of organic shea butter and natural ingredients. It says there that it is good for trimming, grooming and conditioning of the beards. Aside from shea butter, it also contains almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, essential oils and vitamin e which are perfect and safe for all types of hair. One better thing about it is that it is handmade in the USA. How cool is that? I think your guy friends and boyfriend who love to grow their beards will like it.

These products are the perfect gift if you can't think of anything to give your guy friend. If you think that you can smell vanilla essence from your favorite perfume, then you'll be interested with this beard balms. We love vanilla scents because it brings that sweet and fascinating smell which can brighten up our mood but can you believe they also have a vanilla beard balm? It is the best defense for facial hair problems because it helps in protecting and nourishing beards for a healthy growth.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and tell your boyfriend or guy friends about this products! Help them achieve a smooth and healthy facial hair to keep them look amazing and manly on with these beard balms! You can even buy it for your dad or brothers who love to grow their beards. There are a lot of essence to choose from! Check their website and find the best beard balm for your guy. Don't forget to take photos of it using the hashtag #lovelybeards and spread it on your social media accounts! I might get my guy some of these goodies by the way! 

Have a lovely beard day!

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