ALTHEA KOREA: What I got from my first pink box?

So I have been wanting to buy something from Althea Korea since they launched their website dedicated for their customers here in the Philippines but I got no time to browse it. Luckily, I was searching for lip and cheek tint that I am going to use this summer and I stumbled upon their website. I like lip and cheek tint because the weather is so hot and I want something light on my face and lips. I browsed their website and I got curious with some of the items posted there. Want to know more about the items that I purchased? Keep on reading.

First, I got these Velvet moist lip and cheek tint. My favorite lip color is red but this time, I want to try that something pink on my lips for summer. I will definitely do a review for these shades.

I love Tony Moly lip and cheek tint since I got one from a Youtuber named Rich. I also want to try the orange color so I got it too!

I want to pamper my hands and give extra care to it so I bought this It's My Hand Cream in Honey Berry flavor. The scent is so good and it makes my hands feel so soft and smooth.

I ran out of face masks so I got five from them. I can't deny the fact that I am getting older and my skin needs a proper care. 

So these are the items that I got from Althea Korea. You can check their website to know more about the items that they offer. They have a lot of products from skin care to hair care and as well as makeup items.


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