ToSave: February Favorites

Have you ever seen a unicorn makeup brush already? Do you want to know where I got these goodies? Well, before anything else, I would like to say hello to everyone of you who's still checking this blog. Alright, I will not tell you more about why I have been MIA lately because you already know about it.

I am so lucky to finally have these makeup brushes and I am so thankful that has sent me these! It looks so cute and I like the handle of these makeup brushes. The brushes are colorful! I will surely keep these and not use it for the meantime because I don't want to ruin its beauty. (Lol)

So to give you a detailed look, here are some of the photos that I took as soon as I received it. Just in case you don't know and you have no idea about, it is an online shopping website where you can find a lot of cute items in different categories. You can get fashion and beauty items, travel, home decors and many more! They offer a worldwide delivery with a great value for your money. You can shop online on their website hassle-free while staying at the comfort of your home. They offer different payment methods for your convenience. If you need something to ask about a certain item or anything about their offers, you can contact their 24/7 customer support.

Aside from the cute makeup brushes, I also got a temporary hair chalk, a white and pink color combination wrist watch and a dress. I forgot to include the dress on the photos but you'll definitely see it on my next OOTD so you better check out my Instagram account.

These products are my February favorite and if you're interested on buying the same items that I have mentioned, you can check out and find more interesting deals! They are also offering Hair Extensions.

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