BEAUTY | What's in My Makeup Bag?

Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I posted here because of heavy workloads but today, here I am with another beauty blog post.

So it's 2017 and I feel like I want to share something about makeup and beauty. This post is all about the things that I carry every day in my makeup bag. 

My makeup bag is from Dove. I bought a hair conditioner and shampoo and it has a free makeup bag so I got something for my everyday beauty essentials. I like the "I am Beautiful" written on it which always reminds me to always look prepared and appropriate. I just have a face powder in it because my skin is oily. Then, I have a lip balm from Maybelline to moisturize my lips and avoid being dry. I never go out without my red lipstick because I always look pale and sick without it on my lips. I also use this to add a color to my cheek. Of course, the highlighter is an essential these days because I kind of feel pretty when I have a little shimmer on my nose. Last but not the least, I have my liquid makeup before I put on the face powder. 

I know there's one thing missing because I forgot my eyebrow pencil. I always need my eyebrows to get filled in because they are not perfect. I use an Ever Bilena eyebrow pencil.

How about you? What's inside your makeup bag?

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  1. Lovely post! :) What I like to have in my makeup bag are 4 major things. Mascara, foundation, eyebrow pencil and a lipstick. That is my go to makeup, I keep my makeup simple with that and on some days I like to put makeup on, but then there are also some days when I feel best natural. :)


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