Zaful: Have a Merry Early Christmas!

Hi, guys! I'm back! I have been so busy with work the past few days and I'm here to share with you something. Guess what? I just received an early Christmas treat and you should also check it out. I am talking about one of my favorite brands called Zaful (Thank you!). If you've been a long time reader of this blog, you'll know that I have already worked with them for numerous times. I am so lucky to have given an opportunity to received these cool items. I think if you're running out of ideas where to shop for Christmas gifts for your family and friends, Zaful is the best online store that you can trust. They offer a wide range of clothing, accessories, and shoes. Aside from that, I must say their items are trendy and I am loving it.

I like black and white pieces, not only for clothes but for accessories as well. I like that leather cap because it looks simple yet can add an extra "wow" effect to any outfit. I am a sunglasses girl so this black cat eye sunglass makes me so happy. Chokers are one of my favorite accessories these days and I like that Zaful has also sent me one. I barely wear watches but how can I resist this cute cat wrist watch? I am going to an event this December 10 and I'll wear it!

I am into shorts because they are super comfy to wear especially here in the Philippines because the weather is so hot even in December. This denim shorts with heart embroidery is perfect for tees and crop tops.

Last but not the list, I received this button down shirt and I feel like I can pair it with either shorts, skirts or jeans. I just tried it and it feels comfy to wear with shorts and rubber shoes. I can honestly say that this shirt is cool to wear during travels. The texture of the fabric is so soft as well.

Interested in the items that I mentioned below? Check out Zaful for more amazing items that are perfect for Christmas gifts and self-treats!

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