Irresistible Me: Go for Straight or Wavy Hair

Hello, everyone! So today's post is all about hair, hairstyling and hair tools. I haven't posted anything about hair on this blog and I think I should create one. There you go! I finally had time to write. First and foremost, I am so happy to receive one of the chicest and elegant professional hairstyling iron from Irresistible Me. I have planned to purchase one but I don't know the best brands for it. Now that I have this professional hairstyling iron, I can have different hairstyles to create.

This diamond professional hairstyling iron can do wonders to your hair especially during bad hair days. I know it because I always experience it and I need something reliable to fix my hair and look good. I received this a week ago and was able to try it for the first time. It was packed and sealed properly with bubble wrap to protect it from courier damages. When you open the box, you'll see the cute red hairstyling flat iron together with its manual.

I thought I need to give it a try and do simple beach waves with it. I like how lightweight and small it is for my hands so I can hold it comfortably. I don't like heavy styling tools. It's easier for me to do this waves because you can just manage your hair into it effortlessly and release it after few seconds. This flat iron has a fast heat up feature and you'll never wait for too long to achieve the heat that you like before you use it. All you have to do is to plug it in, automatic switch on and choose the levelof heat that you like from its intelligent heat display features near the handle.

After few minutes of using it, I also achieved a starighter hair. You can choose if you want your hair to be straighter than what I did. This is just my personal preference because I have thin hair and it needs some amount of volume.

Want to try this professional hairstyling iron too? Go visit Irresistible Me or check them on all of their social media accounts and learn more about the products and tools that they are offering! I also created a video on how I achieved my straight hair. Check out my Youtube Channel.

Happy First Day of  December!

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