Farbod Barsum: Unique and Exotic Skin Bags

Hey, ladies! Are you looking to buy a new bag for this season? I know some of you are experiencing fall season right now and you might want to update your wardrobe. Aside from those fashionable outfits and fashion pieces, don't forget to get new bags too! Today's post is all about this bag designer Farbod Barsum which is based in Beverly Hills, USA.

Have you heard of it? Well, the name sounds like one of the most popular brands in the fashion industry but hey, yes, it is one of them and you can find interesting bags and clutches there! Oh, before I forgot, they are handmade. Also, they are the first ever brand to use and introduce fused ostrich leg panels and Pirarucu fish skin. Interesting right? If you're into bags which are made of high-quality materials, attractive colors and amazing designs, then you should check it out!

Owning an exotic handbag is one of the best feelings in the world! I like exotic bags with exotic skins as it can be useful during the rainy days. You'll never know when it rains, so you should always be ready and put your things inside a bag which doesn't get wet easily. (Because it is made of exotic skin) This alligator leather bag is perfect for this season and you can just mix and match it with any of your outfits. I must say, this one is my favorite. You can also choose bags from their website with different colors, designs, and sizes. I prefer to carry a bag which can carry all my things because I never go out leaving without everything that I need.

An elegant woman with a great taste in fashion should also consider carrying an appropriate bag wherever she goes. Whether you're working in the corporate world, still going to college or just basically go out and want to stay chic and stylish, then you need to at least make an effort and make yourself well-prepared. Bags are like shoes. It gives additional impact to your all-over look. For events and seminars, you also need a bag or clutches. So it's basically your basic need in your everyday life.

If you're interested you can check their website and take a look at their unique and exotic skin bags, wallets and accessories.

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