MakeupByLouise: Young, Fearless and Fierce in the World of Beauty Vloggers

Danielle Louise Magsumbol, 17 is one of the youngest and talented beauty vloggers here in the Philippines. For more than a year of doing Youtube videos, she managed to grow her subscribers and views by posting high-quality content such as tutorials,reviews and vlogs consistently. Right now, she have over 4,000++ Youtube subscribers who always check her channel to see her newest makeup tutorials or life vlogs. This girl is amazing and inspiring because at a young age, she knows what she wants and she is chasing her dreams while taking a college degree.

I am so lucky enough to do a Facebook interview with her. So enjoy reading!

What are the reasons why you started doing Youtube videos?

Who are your Youtube/ Celebrity inspirations and why?

Are you planning to change your niche or add other topics? If so, what do you have in mind?

What are your thoughts in working with brands? If opportunity comes, would you be willing to be an endorser/model?

What can you say to those people who admire you and look up on you when it comes to being a Youtuber? Any piece of advice for those who wants to be a Beauty Vlogger?

So there you go! She one of the most humble Youtube personality that I've known and she didn't hesitate  but said yes when I asked her for this interview despite her busy schedules. You can follow and check this super sweet and cute girl's social media accounts below.

Youtube Channel:                   


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