Doe Deere: Revolutionizing the Fashion Industry

For those people out there who are heavily involved in the fashion and modeling industry, Doe Deere has been an up and coming name for a while, possessing a unique style that produces awe from everyone around her. On the other hand, the average consumer is just getting to know Doe Deere. They are drawn to the bright colors and fashion flair that set her apart from other products and models in the various stores today. Her style has led to controversy and her colors have sparked interest, and ultimately she is changing the fashion industry to the pleasure of many out there.

Doe Deere has used her bright colors and intense passion to breed a culture of self-made success as both a model and entrepreneur. She has had a large internet following since 2000, and gradually has worked to place her brand on the front line of the industry. She has made a name for her brand by showing that people in the industry can have success with trying to make products and develop a brand free from animal testing and cruelty. She makes and develops all of her own products without putting animals through the dangerous and painful testing that other brands do. Furthermore, she has revealed that she has always loved bright colors that draw people's attention. Even as a teen, she would try to place as many bright colors on herself as she possibly could on her way to school. This translated to the cosmetic world that she has made a living out of today. She has never wanted to "look good" to fans, customers, or competitors. She simply wanted to set out on a journey and enjoy the ride.

Her favorite color is lime green. Therefore, she wanted to develop a brand with her favorite color in the name. That's where she came up with Lime Crime as the name for her products. She selected the word crime as an homage to both rhyming and to the controversy that her style has generated. The products from Deere's brand always bring a new twist on prior styles along with the typical bright and attractive colors that fans have come to expect. In fact, the people who use her products and follow her style have called themselves unicorns, almost living in a fantasy world with so many bright colors. No one can deny that the colors make the eyes of others pop wide open.

Deere has made a career out of being an entrepreneur and a model, styling all of her own products. She hopes that she inspires many other women out there to follow their dreams and be entrepreneurs themselves. She has started a magazine where other women can write in and tell their own stories of being entrepreneurs. Without a doubt, Deere serves as a shining example to everyone to follow their own path and not get discouraged by people who doubt. With hard work and a unique style, people can enjoy success as entrepreneurs.

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  1. Doe Deere looks very pretty - I love bright colours in fashion, and I also like that Doe Deere is cruelty free. I enjoyed watching the video of her at the 2014 PHAMExpo


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