iWhite Korea Products Review: Peel-off Mask, BB Holic and Aqua Moisturizer

On my previous posts, I've mentioned about doing a separate review of iWhite Korea  products and it's finally here! I've been using iWhite Korea peel-off masks for about a year now and I already tried the moisturizer and recently, added their BB Holic BB cream on my skin care routine essentials. 

The iWhite Korea whitening peel-off mask is doing its job right on my skin. aside from helping it lighten my face, it also makes my skin soft and smooth by removing those excess dirt and dead skin cells which wasn't removed after washing my face. This peel-off mask is good but the only thing that I don't like about it was, it looks like a glue. It can also be a bit messy when you're trying to put it on your face so I suggest that you take small amount on your fingertips and apply it slowly. The thickness is good and you don't have to worry about it melting and flowing down from your face because it stays there once you applied. It feels cold on my face and I feel relaxed whenever I use this product. After a few minutes, you'll feel that it is getting tight on your face. Once it is totally dry, take your time to peel it and you'll feel that calming effect. I got this product at SM Department store beauty section for only 22 pesos.

The Aqua moisturizing cream is my current favorite. I have an obsession with moisturizers and I stick to this one since I discovered it. Aside from being affordable, I can feel the cold effect of it on my skin whenever I use it. It also feels like water on my skin and I love its smell. According to this product, it helps skin deeply hydrates with non-greasy formula and it says the truth. This moisturizer can be absorbed by the skin quickly. I got it for 20 pesos only also at SM Department store beauty section.

Last but not the least is this BB Holic BB Cream. I can't say something yet because I only applied it on my skin once and it melted quickly. Maybe because I have that super oily type of skin. I might do another review only for this product and let you know on my next post.


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