How I Make Worklife Easier

All people should work. I believe that there are many different benefits of working. Whether you work for a certain company or work for your business, you'll experience being tired and stressed with everyday tasks. 

I work at home. Even as a freelancer, I experience stress especially when there are clients asking to finish something at the same time. With these things that makes me feel tired and pressured, I create my own schedule and to-do list to follow so that I can handle it properly. If you're experiencing the same, me share you some tips and ideas on how I cope up with stress and make my work life easier.

The first thing that I do is make sure that my desk is clean from any clutter that can make me feel destructed. I wake up as early as 6:00am, eat take my shower, eat my breakfast and drink my coffee. My morning work routine will never be completed without a cup of my favorite coffee. I have a notebook wherein I write everything that I need to finish everyday and try to work on it before the day ends. At night, I set time to have dinner with my family since I am living with them and play with my nephews. My skin needs proper care so I do my skincare routine and try to get some sleep early. Before I go to bed, I take FERN-C because it makes me cope up easily with my daily tasks. It has been part of my night time routine to pop in some vitamin C. 

Sometimes, having that same work life routine can be boring. I find time to be alone. I love travelling so I go to a certain place where I can relax and keep my mind refresh. Seriously, once in a while we need to take a break and go somewhere to breath some fresh air.

During weekends when some of my friends are free, we go out to eat, watch movies and do a simple chit-chat. We always have a good laugh whenever we're together so that is the best part of how I make my work life easier. I think of it as a reward after those tiring and stressful work days of the week.

Whether you work at home or at the office, make sure to take good care of your health and live a happy life. Don't forget to eat properly, take care of your mind and body and take FERN-C! Go for “Subok Na!” so you can say that “Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C!”

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  1. ano fave mo coffee sis?..
    baka same tayo..

  2. Very lovely! I like this so much.

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