Top Five Favorite Lip Colors 2016

It's been a long time since I posted something about beauty but hey, today here's my top five favorite lip colors! 

The first one is from Nature Essentials which is called Velvet Lip Creme in the shade of Crush. I like the color but I am not really into pink lip colors so I seldom wear it. The color is super pigmented and it smells so god. By the way, I got this lip creme from an event earlier this year.

Next is this lipstick that I bought from HBC and it is from the brand San-San. It is my favorite brand since I was in college because their products are affordable and the lip colors are gorgeous. I actually gave that lipstick to my mom but I will buy one again for myself. By the way, I like to wear that kind of color for an everyday look.

I also love this lipstick from Ever Bilena. I wear this lipstick at work and I am always happy with its color. It is perfect for both morena and fair skin.

Another favorite of mine is this lipstick from Maybelline. It looks so pink but when you put it on your lips, the color looks so natural (depends on how much you apply) and also perfect for an everyday look.

Last but not the least is this Mac Lipstick in the shade of Ruby Woo. This is my current favorite and I am planning to make a separate review post about it. I always put on my Maybelline baby lips to keep my lips moisturized and avoid being chappy.

So there you go! How about you? What are your top five favorite nail colors?


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