Hometown Visit

Sometimes we have to take a break from the stress of our busy life in the city and visit our grandparents to share stories and enjoy the moment. I went to my hometown island Marinduque because there were things happened and I want to escape from it. Whenever I feel like I have to refresh my mind, I always take time to visit the place where I was born. Marinduque is a small island with seven towns and amazing people. 

 I need to take a ship ride going there because that is the only available transportation. It took almost half of the day before I see grandma and her small but relaxing house. She lives in the middle of the mountain full of coconut trees, flowering plants and the beauty of nature is all you can see. I need it all.

It was also the best time to talk and play to my cousins and their children. (I feel really old btw!)

There is nothing special about my visit but whenever I have time, I will do it again. The place is peaceful and I can say that living the simple life is the best way to get happiness. When I was young, I always ask questions about the reasons of the people here leaving just for work. Now that I am an adult, I realized that if you're a dreamer and you want to chase your dream you have to go out of your comfort zone and reach it. It doesn't mean that leaving your hometown is also forgetting the memories of your childhood. Live life, go back and relax then fight again.

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