Modelling and Photography: Passion for Fashion

If there are things that I can choose to have right at this moment, it will be being a professional photographer so that I can travel the world and take photos of the lovely super models in the fashion industry. Those kinds of dreams were gone long time ago since I started working in the corporate world. Now that I am back to blogging, I am also back to photography. I want my readers to read better contents and see professional photos from this blog.

Since I am a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast, I always research for different sources, communities and websites where I can find inspirations until I get to check I like this website because there are many talented individuals living their dreams from different countries. Flexorama is a new website for models, photographers, social media lovers and anyone who loves arts. I love photography and whenever I see great and professional-looking photos, I feel inspired to get back into it and work hard to be one of those professional photographers. There are many users of this website and for professional photos, my favourite is Joel. Here are samples of what he can do and it will surely capture your hearts.

If you think that Joel is the perfect person to work with all your photography needs you have to check his profile at I also encourage you to create your own portfolio. Show your talent and creativity to the world!


  1. Thanks for the tip.....Nice website. I made a profile

  2. Nice post

    Love Vikee

  3. Unless your Flexorama user profile, which is also free for the first year, is complete, it would be tougher to get attention from potential agencies or fashion personnel. Some neat and relevant photos with a complete, up-to-date profile are often what all it takes to make it tweak. The problem when a profile remains incomplete is that people may lose interest as they go over your profile. Relevant and valid information with quality pictures on the other hand will keep them reading until they scroll down to the end. And, in this way your chance to be considered for a deal increases by manifolds. So if you are yet to complete your Flexorama account, do it right away.


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