Kristine: Confidently Beautiful Inside and Out

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? Did you have your summer getaway already? I still don’t have mine but it will be scheduled this coming last week of June. Before we talk about it, let us go and talk more about Youtubers. You know how addicted I am in watching beauty videos and makeup tutorials.  Do you still want to know more about my favorite Youtube personalities?  Another Youtuber personality here again!

Have you watched a Hugot makeup tutorial in Youtube? If you love something pink, K-pop, nail arts and beauty events, you have to check RealAsianBeauty! I am talking about this gorgeous woman from Manila, Philippines who is super humble and cute. I am not really into K-pop music and Korean dramas but I love beauty events, makeup and nail arts. When I first saw Kristine from Youtube, I never hesitated but just subscribed to her beauty channel. I like how she is passionate about her Youtube career and if you don’t know yet, she has this schedule of doing things such as blogging, filming for beauty videos, vlogs and going to her Korean class. I adore how she manages her time wisely and her fashion sense is awesome. She is one of my top favorite Youtuber and I know she’s pretty inside and out even if I don’t meet her yet. I felt so lucky for having her featured here in my blog and whenever she replies to my messages I feel so “kilig”. 

She started her Youtube career in 2011 and after five years, I can say that she is a successful Internet personality in fashion and beauty.
Kristine is just an ordinary woman with a passionate heart and creative mind. She attends different concerts, beauty events and beauty products launching to share something to her readers and followers. Some people may think that she’s just doing it for something but if you appreciate her effort and love to her work, you can see a woman with a strong heart that keeps going on to continue doing what she wants. She is one of those women who chose to live their life to the fullest and settle for something which makes them happy. She pursues women empowerment without too much effort and you can just notice it with her actions. Creating videos and showing yourself in the whole wide world is difficult when you have much insecurity about yourself but if you want to be inspired, watch Kristine and how she motivates every woman to love their own self and never be ashamed of whatever they look outside.   

I wish I can be like her one day but my confidence is not yet ready for that haha! I heard she’s going to have a Meet and Greet so if you guys want to meet her in person and take selfies, you can subscribe to her Youtube channel, follow her on Instagram and Like her Facebook page. Just search for the word “RealAsianBeauty”.


  1. Awww truly wonderful hun!


  2. Hi, baby girl! I love this article! I can't believe it's another person that wrote it. I thought I was reading my own blog and I was describing my own self. You know me so well! The way you have written about me, I can say that you have been following me for quite some time and that you really pay attention to what I say in our videos and blog posts. I really appreciate this feature! I will post this on my Facebook tomorrow! Again, thank you so much! I hope you always support me. Love you, girl! And good luck to your YouTube and blog! Your YouTube idols now were once beginners, just like you are now.. so I say keep your head up and keep going straight! One day, it will be your turn, too! Mwah! ♡♡

  3. Awesome! Im a fan of her too!

  4. She rreally is n awesome person and I love that she supports our blogs and channels though there are so many of us.


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