Eye Makeup: Nude 2 Palette from BYS Cosmetics

Let us talk about beauty and beauty essentials. Since I was in college I like to shop for beauty products such as hair care, skincare and makeup. As I can remember, I started wearing makeup since I was 14. Back then, lip gloss and face powder are the only makeup that I know. (Lol) Then when I was in college I tried to wear some eye liners and blush. When I started working at a department store as part time employee, I learned to do eye makeup so I bought local eye shadows. At first, it was really difficult for me to do it but since I needed it for my work, I tried to put on light eye makeup and blend it well. They required to wear heavy makeup there. Now that I work at the corporate world, I seldom wear dark eye makeup so I settle to earth toned colours and light eye shadows.

So today, this post is all about this eye makeup palette from BYS Cosmetics. I got this Nude 2 palette from the Creamsilk Transformations Event last January as a freebie with other stuff such as beauty blender, nail polish, eye brow palette and lip palette. This one is my favourite because I can use it whenever I go to work. The colours are perfect for day wear and will be good for creating smoky eyes for night eye makeup. It has twelve beautiful shades for you to choose from. BYS Cosmetics are creating more and better palettes and they are all good to wear. I like the colours on my skin and it enhances the beauty of eyes. Aside from other local brands that I like, my new favourite makeup brand is BYS.

I started liking makeup since I watched Michelle Phan and other Youtube personalities making makeup tutorials. I also made a Youtube channel because I felt inspired in doing videos but my confidence is not really good. (Haha) My channel is still empty but I would like to conquer my shyness and be able to create more good contents. Sooner, I will try to do some eye makeup tutorials with this Nude Palette from BYS and hopefully I will be able to upload it on my Youtube channel but for now, if you want to watch some of short clips you can go ahead and add me on Snapchat. Being a lifestyle blogger is definitely inspiring especially when I get to attend on beauty events with freebies. Well, who doesn’t like freebies anyway? Aside from that, I get to meet fellow bloggers and Youtube personalities.

So what’s next? Okay, I just like to apologize for not posting here on a regular basis and now I would like to tell you all that you can expect new contents every Saturday from now on. If you have any questions, recommendations and blogging tips please feel free to comment it down below.

Have a happy spring season to all of my followers from the West and happy start of summer to all of you here in the Philippines.


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