Anna Cay: A Sweet Life

                Are you stuck at home this summer? Do you want to learn on how to properly put on your makeup? How about reading beauty, skincare and event reviews? Are you planning to start a Youtube channel but you don’t know what niche you’ll be good at? If you said yes to all of these questions, I am inviting you to check Anna Cay’s Youtube channel. Be inspired to chase your own dream and do it while you’re young.

                Anna Cay is a woman full of sweetness, creativity and empowerment. Ever since I started reading her blog posts on her blog, I know she’s going to be great on what she’s doing. Anna Cay is a 26 year old lady who graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology with BS Civil Engineering degree. I can relate what’s written on her blog which says she didn’t go on board with her degree because she can do something great in different field. (That’s how I understand it) I like a person who doesn’t try too hard on chasing something related to their educational attainment. I’ve known many people who became successful doing what they love. It’s like they are doing what they love and earn from it. One day I wanted to be like them. I considered her as one of the beautiful faces among Filipina Youtubers that I follow on social media sites. She’s also one of the most humble people that I know. I like how she responds to messages even if I know she always get tons of it and her inbox is exploding. Her blog design is perfect and clean which suits her personality. No wonder why her channel already hits 13k subscribers. I am a new subscriber but I’ve learned a lot from her. I can relate with her beauty reviews and other things she discuss on her Youtube channel.

                Okay, so what made me like her even more? Well, I like everything about her. Her eyebrows are always neat, the lip colors are perfect and I like her hair – black and straight.  Sometimes I can see her hair on braid and it’s gorgeous. I love the way she talks about product reviews because I can feel how sincere she is. For some people, it will be all about business with brands, but for her it is a passion to share something great to her viewers. She will be having her first ever meet and greet as she takes the new step from her Youtube career. Being a part of it could mean so much from a fan like me. I want to meet her in person but sometimes due to heavy work load, I will be stuck with my computer and do my job. I guess I should just wait for her vlog about her meet and greet. I know that it will be successful. If you ladies don’t know the details about her Meet and Greet, you can read it below.

Anna Cay Meet and Greet
WHEN: APRIL 24, 2016 (2-5PM)

Congratulations Anna Cay!


  1. Wow Zane, loving the look and feel of your new site. Congratulations!!
    This post was really awesome. Loved reading it and will definitely check her site.


  2. Beautiful post

    Love Vikee


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