Smell Good, Be Montefident!

Perfumed soaps are increasing popularly in the market today. As we look around in different beauty stores like Watsons and HBC, we noticed that perfumed soaps are the one which are in the front store especially when they conduct promos and sales. It’s getting hotter and the blue skies are getting brighter here in the Philippines. We ladies need to take care of our skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is now the time again for sunscreens and moisturizers. I love skincare products and makeup but this summer, I think I should focus more on getting products for my skin. I am also into perfumes and colognes. It will make an additional points if you have healthy skin and sweet fragrance smell. Sometimes when I go out, I feel too lazy to spray perfume and cologne to smell better but I found Monte Soaps the last time I went to an event.

These soaps are good and I like it the first time I had one. To give you more idea about Monte Skin Care’s perfumed soap, here is a quick review about it.
Monte Skin Care soap is a luxury perfumed soap with intense whitening solution which is perfect for every Filipina who wanted to have whiter skin. I know how much we like getting whiter and healthier skin. You do not have to worry about the ingredients used for these soap because they are 100% made from natural ingredients so those people who have sensitive skin will absolutely like it and stay worry-free. I like how smooth and soft my skin after I used this product. You can even experience the smell of it right after you go out of the shower.

The only downside that I can say is that this soap doesn’t have lots of bubbles when you use it unlike any other whitening soaps. I said downside because as for my own preference, I love soaps which provide bubbles whenever I use it so I can enjoy my shower experience. (Lol) All in all, Monte Skin Care soaps are good. If you want to achieve that fairer skin, sweet fragrance smell and soft skin, you can try these soaps. I highly recommend it to all of you ladies out there to try it especially this summer. You can also bring some of it for your travels and adventures with friends so you will always smell good even when you didn’t sprayed some perfume on. I got three soaps for them which are in Timeless, Delicate and Perky. Among these three, my favourite is the Delicate soap which is in blue colour and smells so good. If you’re running out of gift ideas for your friends, you can also make these soaps as a gift and they will absolutely love it. Boost your confidence now ladies and be montefident!

You can check their website for more details about these soaps if you’re interested and I also want to tell you that their customer service is the best. They are accommodating and will respond quickly to assist you.


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