This post may be long over due because I've been MIA lately but it's better late than never!
 Let me introduce you to my favorite Youtuber of the month. She is known as funny, sweet and an elegant mom who loves to make videos about make-up, beauty and life. She's no other than Isha Borromeo or a.k.a PURPLEHEIRESS on Youtube. 

I've been watching her since 2013 and I love her. The first thing that I noticed about her was "OMG kamukha nito si Jessy".

 Isha is also a loving mom and a supportive friend.

 She's so funny and I like her video reviews. She shares things that women can be inspired and proud of. Her creativity is an asset and she stays true to herself and stays humble even though she already has this huge fans.

You can follow her to all of the links below.

all photos are from Isha's facebook account. 


  1. Awwww ♥ this is so sweet! :) Thank you so much sis Zane for featuring me on your website.
    Super na touch ako kapatid. Salamat ♥

  2. Isha looks very pretty as do you and all of your friends.
    Her winged eyeliner in the first photo is beautiful, and I especially love the group photo (4th).
    I'll have to watch some of her PURPLEHEIRESS YouTube videos!


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