Fabulous, Fierce and Successful: MICHELLE DY

Michelle Dy is my November Favorite YouTuber of the month. She has a bubbly personality and too hot to resist snapchat posts. Her charm is making its way up to her success in fashion and beauty industry. I love her Instagram feeds because it is full of inspiring photos.

Who says you can't be witty and pretty at the same time? This lovely woman can prove that you can! Her makeup tutorials are amazing and with full of creativity and talents.  

The first time I've set my eyes on her, I was really inspired. I read lots about her fashion statements on her blog at beautyineverycorner.blogspot.com. 

Michelle Dy is a simple woman who can speaks her language and can be an inspiration. I love her! She is one of the few famous people who keeps their feet on the ground. 

She never fails in looking hot and sexy in her own cute way. My respect for her has no end. I know she is on her way up. My full support goes to you Miss M!

I did watched her old videos up to her latest one and I saw how she started. She is truly amazing and I like her dedication at work. Seeing how she changed and how blessed this woman can uplift anyone with the same ambition. You go girl!

Follow this young and successful woman and be inspired.






Snapchat: michelledyy


  1. Lovely post

    Love Vikee

  2. ai estas últimas fotos estão lindas! *.*

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  4. I agree on everything you said about Michelle. I am also a long time viewer of her videos and she really has talent. I love her creativity and she's down to earth.



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