Perfect Weddings with Landybridal

I am really excited with my friend's wedding next year and I am currently helping her choose her wedding dress. We searched for our favorite wedding dresses websites for different kinds of dresses. She want something flow-y, more into texture and my recommendation is that she should go for vintage lace wedding dresses. These kinds of dresses are perfect to achieve the feminine and soft look especially for a wedding. Laces are popular trends when it comes to wedding choices.

We looked for different stores including this awesome store called Landybridal. This amazing store offers many different beautiful wedding dresses in different categories. We looked and get some ideas on their wedding dresses 2016 which we found perfect. Their collection is to die for including their bridesmaid dresses. Here are our top picks.

They are currently on sale so don't miss out to get their free shipping promo for orders $150 and above. How cool is that? Visit their website now and happy shopping!


  1. They are so beautiful! I can't choose only one because all of them are just perfect!
    Thank you for following me, I followed you back ;)

    Have a great week,

  2. I love all of them! They are really perfect!
    I Followed you from Portugal :)

    With Love, M.


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