October 2015 Favorites

               It's October! Okay okay, I know today is the last week for the month of October but I just want to share this month's favorite. So let's start with nail colors. Since October is fall season for other countries, I was a bit inspired with fall season colors. It looks bloody and I think it's hot for this month.

My old slippers broke so I have to get a new pair. My favorite is this one from Havaianas. The colors are cool, same with my nails.

Cats are my best friends. This month's cutie cat award goes to Mayang! She always sleep near me. She might look scary but she's sweet.

I know I have posted this bracelet already but I just can't stop staring it. Thanks Dresslink!


The last but not the least is my new Samsung Galaxy J5. It's been a long time since I've been eyeing this phone and I had the chance to own it so here it is! I am planning to do a review of it on my another website so stay tuned for that.

What's your October favorites?


  1. I always hated cats before because they seem to hate me so I hate them back! XD Then I thought it was unfair of me to judge cats without even trying to keep one as pet so I adopted a cat.. uhh rather, I picked up a stray cat from SM Megamall. I'm still a dog person but I like cats now. They also find me more approachable now. :D

    Jessica | http://ladyarizel.blogspot.com/

  2. Yay for the new phone! More yay for cute kitty! I have 11 cats and 3 of them sleep beside me at night! :)

  3. Beautiful photos and I love love love your style of writing! Keep it up!

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  5. Nice post

    Love Vikee


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