First Samples from Sample Room

     Hi everyone! I know this post is long over due but it's worth sharing that's why I am writing about it now. I signed up for and tried to order their newest set of shampoo and conditioner. Three days after I paid for the shipping fee, it's all here finally!

I already talked about hair thing and I want to try new shampoo so I can tell the difference compared to what I am using now. So far, Palmolive Naturals smells so good. It made my hair softer and smoother. I also ordered the Vitress hair cuticle coat and it made my hair more shiny. If you ladies want to try new products' samples go ahead to and sign up for free. You'll get free items but you just have to pay for their shipping fee. I only paid 100php for products that is worth 250php. How cool isn't it?

I also got those hand cream, lotion, lip balm, and shower gel for October. Those aren't from sample room, I bought that with my own money haha!

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  1. Looks great, Zane!


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  2. Nice

    Love Vikee

  3. I love your blog!
    Do you wanna follow each other? Would be so nice ♥
    xo Chloé♥

  4. that looks cool!

  5. quanti bei prodotti

  6. Super cool! I like Palmolive. Enjoy the day, dear!
    Check my last post >>HERE! <<

  7. Free samples are always such a delight! Have fun with these new items!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  8. Great products.

  9. This is nice. I am intrigued by Palmolive. It seems legit. ♥
    Spices & Everything Nice

  10. Ako I usually wait for 5 days bago dumating ang parcel ko. Nakompleto ko na din yung vitress saka I’m done with the Palmolive shampoo, nagkakadandruff ako dun.


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