Healthy Hair

Let's talk about hair and hair care again. I went black because I found some reasons that I want a healthier hair. I noticed that when I was still have the dyed hair, my hair went dry and full of split ends. I searched some of the proper hair cares and let's talk about it.

Way back in high school, I remembered during our cosmetology class that if you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny, you can have a small amount of coconut milk and put it on your hair with the use of cotton balls. You can do it once a week but don't forget to wash your hair and conditioner or else you may not like its smell. Coconut milk consists a lot of vitamins that will help you hair stay shiny and healthy.

The second thing is, you can have some fresh aloe vera once a week if your problem is like mine. I always have some heavy hair fall. I said heavy because whenever I look at the brush after brushing my hair, I always see too many fallen hair on it. Aloe vera is good to prevent hair fall. You can see that there are shampoos that consist of Aloe vera, so why not try the fresh ones?

Put on some hair vitamins once or twice a week. Our hair needs to absorb some vitamins to stay healthy like our bodies!

Eat healthy foods and drink more water. There is a sayings that "You are what you eat" so let's believe on that sayings.

I am thinking of getting my hair longer for summer next year and I think being healthy is the best thing ever to start it. I like getting my hair trimmed once every three months not like once a month because I got no more split ends now (yay!). 

How about you? How do you take good care of your hair? Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Weekend. 

P.S, I have a review on lip and cheek tint on my next post so stay tuned.


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