How to stay motivated at work

Let's talk about working and every career that we have. So maybe some of you already know that I am working in a corporate world in an Accounting department and I have to say that my job is really stressful when you let it be inside you. I work straight six days a week and sometimes I feel so tired and I am thinking of quitting yet I have to keep it because I need it. Here's what I do keep motivated and forget the "Q" word.

First, we have to manage time properly and put things in order. I always make sure that my to do list is always updated.

Sleep early. Yes, our body needs to be charged like our favorite gadgets to stay working and energetic the next day. Lack of sleep causes lots of problems specially to people like us who works full time.

Eat healthy at the right time. We should also have to eat foods that keep our body ready for everyday tasks.

Pop up some multi-vitamins and drink plenty of water.

Once in a while, reward yourself with your favorite food, (i like donuts!) just reward yourself for working too hard.

I know this isn't enough but if you still have some ideas, comment below and let's have a healthy working life!


  1. Great post

    Love Vikee

  2. I can totally relate to this post!

  3. Such an important post, Zane! Quitting is easy, but continuing needs lots of work for our body, mind and soul. A constant reminder that- we can do it. Never give-up!


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