August Skin and Hair Care Essentials

Hello everyone! Let's talk about monthly beauty essentials or I may say all time beauty essentials. I've been working six days a week and I got no time going out except for Sunday so the last time I went out, I did bought some of my trusted and favorite skin care essentials.

I got the Dove set for only 99.00 pesos at Metro Store last Sunday. It includes a shampoo, hair conditioner, hair vitamins and a body soap. Dove is one of the brands that I've been using for a long time so when I saw that they have this kind of promotion, I just pick it up and buy it.

I also have the small size Clean and Clear foaming facial wash and Eskinol facial cleanser. I don't use any other cleanser at the moment aside from Eskinol.

Some other products that I bought are Sunsilk strong and long shampoo, PH Care feminine wash in the smallest size and a new Feelin' Fresh deodorant from Avon. Working full time in an office is really tiring and I want to give my skin a proper care so I just use the basic and I don't really wear a heavy make-up at work.

What are your favorite skin care for August? I will be posting my daily work make-up so keep in touch!
Happy reading!


  1. Great products! Skin care is so important!


  2. Lovely products

    Love Vikee

  3. Thanks for sharing my dear!<3
    visit my blog my dear?:) let me know if you follow me because I always followback xx


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