Wake up early, start your day happily!

Let's talk about life and coffee! So today's post is another heart warming advice and some tips on how to get up early and be the morning person that you like. 

I am a morning person and I know some of you are not. We don't need to to change ourselves but sometimes due to different lifestyles and works, we need to get up early with a cheerful smile to start our day. Here are my top five advice for you to get up early and start your day happily.
  • Go to bed early. You can turn off your phone and your TV around 9:30 in the evening so you can still have 30 minutes before literally sleeping. Just go to bed and that's it.
  • You need to set your alarm clock or phone and try putting it far from your bed so you will have to get up to turn it off.
  • Have a cup of your favorite foods and hot coffee or hot chocolate in the morning because I believe in the saying, "If you want to succeed in life, eat first!"
  • Listen to your favorite songs while taking the shower and it will surely change your mood. Be lively and don't forget to dance with the melodies.
  • Appreciate life and don't forget to be thankful for the new day that's been given to you.
Happy morning!


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    1. look delicious :)

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  3. Mmm sound delicious!
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  4. My sleep pattern changes every summer. Haha.
    I stay up very late and wake up very late. I believe I should change that pattern.
    Thanks for the tips! Great post.

    Much love

  5. Lovely

    Love Vikee

  6. I'm a morning person. It's not difficult. I mean, hey, mornings are beautiful especially here in the Philippines :D



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