Shoes and Bag + Life Update

Let's talk about shoes and bags. I was really into brown bags and shoes nowadays and I don't know but I can't help being amazed with their colors.

I just noticed that most of the things that I bought since December 2014 was in brown colors. If you're following me on Youtube, you already know that I made a review of the brown bag in the photo above. I also bought a new pair of shoes also in brown. I found that brown can match most of my outfits for work and even for the casual attires during weekends.


I think this is my first time to make an update about life and I was just too inspired right now not to do it. Okay, so what happened was I got a new found job! Oh, its not what you think, I mean I am working right now as a freelancer. I'm happy with the clients that I have right now and I'm still looking for more and long term work. I'm not closing my heart for the corporate world because I need it. I need it to pursue a one career that I like. Next week, I am planning to go serious for job hunting and hopefully, I'll get one. I don't want to be stuck at the same situation like this. So go for it!

I also met a person that been part of my life years ago. I know some of you may feel weird about meeting your ex's ex. I moved on and I like to welcome a new friendship between us. Its good to have a sister whom you can share something or call whenever you feel like asking for advice. Its awkward but I don't think of going back from the past. Present is more important and you're really strong if you're the first one to forgive and let friendship begins.

I have a new kitty named Knuckles. Its not really mine but I was the one taking care of him while I'm still staying at my aunt's place. I'll surely miss him when I move.

How about you? Any updates about your life?


  1. I love that bag! Very nice post.


  2. Love your bag!

  3. Beautiful bag

    Love Vikee


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