How to be happy

I wasn't able to post the past few days and I would like to share you guys how I felt those days. It was so sad and I feel so hopeless regarding things. To make it short, some things happened beyond my expectations and right now I am forcing myself to feel okay and be positive about it. I read something from the blogosphere that taught me how to feel okay even if you're not.

 After my fun summer vacation, I have to face the reality of life so that's it. There are lots of things to do and to consider when you feel like giving up and just wait for things to happen. Here are my own set of brain food if you want to know, just keep on reading.

In order to be happy, just forget about what happened in the past and focus on what you really want to happen in the future. I know it is just easy to say than to do but if you're into moving on and you want to be back being happy again, try to forget what made you feel sad.

Eat out with your friends and share what you've experienced. Its okay to be sad once in a while but keep in mind that you should face the process of getting back your happiness.

Call someone and invite them for a fun sleepover. Yeah, you're young and free so you can do things that'll make you feel happy. Throw in some major fun games with your friends and laugh until your stomach ache.

Buy your favorite things that you've been eying ever since if you have the money for it. You should know when and where to spoil yourself. Just make sure that you don't do it every time you feel down. It may cause you more problems in regards to financial matters.

Watch your favorite movie with your friends.

Try new things. You can do DIYS, try new recipe to cook and learn how to be productive. Time is gold so don't waste your time with things that can't make you feel productive. You should know that we have this life for once and we should make the most out of it.

Cuddle with your cat or dog. According to some people, having pets at home makes you feel happy and can make you live longer and be inspired.

Listen to your favorite music or if your favorite band is coming to have a concert, go for it. You never know when they are coming back to your country or place. 

Paint your nails. I know this works for us, girls! Painting your nails can make you feel inspired and creative.

Clean your room. You can have your general cleaning when you feel sad and just throw everything that you don't need anymore. Decorate your room with colorful things, lights and photos that can brighten up your mood.

Go out and take photos. It really works for me because I feel the positivity whenever I go out with my camera. You just have to appreciate things around you.

Be busy. If you have work, you can put all your work time focusing on it. Just know when to stop. One good thing about having a job is that it can make you forget things for the meantime and you won't notice that you're doing it just for work and money but most importantly, for yourself.

Write down. Yes, that's what I am doing now. I always write whatever mood I have. Sometimes when you write things inside your brain, you can let it out without anyone judging you. You can keep whatever you wrote and re-read it when you feel okay one day. You'll just laugh at it trust me.

The most important thing is that you know how to pray. Prayer is the best thing to do whenever there is doubt and sadness in our lives. Faith is the greatest source of positive vibes.

Stay happy berries!



  1. Nice photo.

  2. Good post, Zane!

  3. Great look and post. Thanks for visiting my blog, dear. Keep in touch, pls. Big kiss

  4. I'm actually doing a lot of what you said, except the cleaning part. Haha.
    Paint nails, write, listening to music, etc.
    You pretty much find what makes you happy and do a lot of it.
    Simple life. Great post by the way!

    Much love

  5. The photo is so pretty :)

  6. Great post. Thanks for visiting my blog, dear. Keep in touch, pls. Big kiss

  7. Beautiful picture!

    - Adi xxo


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