Summer Heat

So let's talk about the summer heat. Here in the Philippines, the temperature go up to 40 degree Celsius. I'm not saying most of the places here in the Philippines have that kind of temperature but as we all know that summer is here, we can really feel the heat. There are lots of good things about summer but, we can notice that there are also things that needs to be taken care of like our body and health during this season.

Summer is fun because there are too many events, festivals and it is also the time when we can enjoy having our favorite cold drinks. Speaking of cold drinks, we do not want to run out of water in our body so let's keep on drinking water to stay hydrated and avoid the common cause of death like what Kuya Kim always tells us. (Kuya Kim is a host and TV news personality for those of you who don't know about him) Water is really important and we should keep that in our mind. Sometimes we're too busy with the sweet and delicious drinks that we have during summer but water is the best way to cleanse.

For some of you who likes to travel and go to your favorite summer spot during this season, I suggest that you bring all your beauty essentials for the skin, hair and lips. Use moisturizer before going out, make sure that it is for sun protection. Apply some hair vitamins and conditioner to keep your hair soft, smooth and healthy. Sun can cause lots of damages to our hair so let's not tolerate this little things that can harm our crowning glory. For the lips, just apply lip balm or you may want to add some pop of color on it. I know that lots of women loves putting on make up but summer time is the best time to make our "no makeup makeup look". What I mean is less is more. You do not want to put makeup on and right after a minute when you go out, it will end up melting. It's a total mess so I suggest that we put on less or just make sure that it will never melt. Well, you can try those makeup that lasts longer throughout the night. Lipstick is the best weapon girls, if you want to wear less makeup.

Summer is for fun and enjoyment! Make sure to go out, eat and try some foods that you can only have during summer, have a get together with your friends, attend some music festivals and other events that you can remember once you go back to the world of reality where you can just stay at your desk and work the whole day. If you like music, you can create a playlists with your favorite summer song. Trust me, once you hear it again after summer you can still remember and feel like everyday  is still summer. Music is a good source to remember happy memories!

Stay healthy and happy during this summer season. Travel and make the most out of it!


  1. I am iiiitching to travel more this Summer! The British weather keeps teasing me!


  2. great photos!

  3. Amazing post ! Would you like to follow each other?

  4. Honey, you are really beautiful! Great blog!
    I follow ur blog via GFC.

    xoxo from Poland

  5. We are going through a crazy heat wave right now in Toronto! Great pics, love those palm trees. Nice blog!



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