Summer Hair Colors

How are you guys doing? I am so happy to let you know that today is another special day for me because I turned another age older. I am twenty five and still short! (haha) Well, today's post is all about summer hair colors. I did tried to dye my hair too many times and I put some effects on my photos here to create this summer hair colors ideas just for you.

I'm still dreaming of having a long wavy and purple hair and yes, I got this! I only wish I can wear it all the time but no. You can't wear it for job interviews here in my country so let's have fun and create this look for summer where you can enjoy roaming around the city streets and play on the white sand beaches. 

Next thing in my mind is having an ombre hair. I chose to have a brown to green colors. Guess where I got this idea. One word answer! Nature!

If you're running out of idea, you can stay to your normal roots. My normal hair color is black so here it is. I like how wavy it is without using or doing anything to achieve the curly looks.

 The last and final idea is having a reddish brown hair for summer. It is really cool having that kind of hair colors because it glows when you're under the sun. You don't need any make up on. Just let your hair do the magic to become attractive. Summer seasons don't need heavy make up so you better know how to look good without putting on too much. Hair can do it!

That's all for my birthday post. I might go get a good lunch even if I am alone for today! (haha) Well, I can still have fun and enjoy my me time. If you want to stay updated, you can follow me on Instagram because I can assure you, i am a hundred percent addicted to it and I love photography.

Thank you guys for the support, I'm hoping that you will stay with me on this new chapter of my life. Bye bye early twenties!



  1. You look beautiful, wonderful color
    all the best... :-))

  2. Oh wonderful look:) kiss

  3. Happy birthday! Love the hair color in the first pic.

  4. Happy birthday dear!
    the color is cool...

  5. Love your blog ♥
    Would you like to follow each other GFC+?
    I'll follow back

  6. Hello, thank you so much for the nice comment on my Blog. Your hair texture is awesome, mine is boring! haha


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