Summer Beauty Essentials

So today's months is summer here in the Philippines and I would like to share you guys my summer essentials for 2015. We all know that summer is the most happiest time of the year aside from Christmas and New Year, so let's take a moment to get something for ourselves rather than staying at home and letting our summer pass by without having this cool items.

The first thing that I have is the Myra E Daily Sun Protect moisturizer. Sunblock is the first thing that we need during summer because we do not want the sun to harm our skin. 
Then I have a Nivea lip balm to keep my lips being moisturized and soft, Penshoppe body spray (oh, I love the smell of it), Careline Oil Control make up base for night outs, Ever Bilena lipstick, Avon cologne in twinkle pink, Penshoppe Bella cologne (in a small spray bottle so you can carry it easily in your pouch) nude lipstick from Avon, Johnson's baby powder (to keep you feeling fresh) Eye pencils and Enchanted Eye Shadows to add some dramatic look every night when you're going out with friends, and last but not the least is the Skin White Advance toner to remove the excess dirt before bedtime! 

There you have it, I know you have some more to add but those are just my basic essentials every summer, so keep enjoying the season and have a healthy summer glow!


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