Colorful Summer OOTD

Hey there my loves! So today's the seventh day of May for 2015 and I've been not around for a while. Since February, I went to some stages of my life that really made me keep quite but for now as summer's here let me take this opportunity to have a colorful come back.

I went to my hometown to take a break from everything and to keep my mind refreshed from the past failures. Yes. You can read it right, failures are being made to start and decide a new journey again. Anyway, too much from being emotional, here's my colorful summer OOTD for you to see and be inspired. I really love nature. I like waking up in the morning seeing beautiful flowers from my grandmother's front house and the blue skies there drives me crazy. It was insane. It feels like you can just see it on fairy tales but I've witnessed them so many times during my stay there. 

Summer is the most happiest months so I decided to wear a bright pink skater skirt and to balance the brightness, I have my white crop top on. I really love pink not because I am too girly but it makes me happy looking with bright colors as well as these pretty flowers.

One more good thing about this skirt is it goes where the wind blows. So yeah, I mean it is super flow-y and attracts a sweet summer vibes in my eyes.

Every time I have a chance to visit my grand mom's place, I always want to walk barefooted and jump off at those  Bermuda grasses. 

To match the looks to my nails, I paint it pink. 

See, even my cat loves pink! (Haha, by the way my kitty's name is Thibodaux. My boyfriend pick that name for her and I like it.)

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