Realization and Happiness

It's April! How are you guys doing? Yesterday, I had a great time hanging out with one of my college mate. We talked about different things such as work, passion and how to be a happy jobless woman. What? Yeah, you heard it right. I don't like to work again in an office which I will spend most of my time doing the things that I don't really like and keep considering the job just for money. I guess, it's a realization post for the second day of April!:-) 

I started working when I was still in college for some various fast food chains so I can finish my studies. After years of working as crew, I ended up getting my diploma and started looking for a job near to my chosen field yet I didn't had any IT job instead, I found myself working for a burger company in accounting department. I have no regrets because I gained some experiences. I stayed there for about two years and a half then I decided to quit because I am not happy anymore.

The next months after losing my job was okay because I worked in a well-known real estate company for two months fixed contract. When my contract has finally ended, they contacted me again and asked me to work again for them only in a new different position. I was hesitant yet I agreed to attend the training for a month when I finally found out that being in the new position which I don't like only made my life worst. I got sick and never performed well so they decided to end the training and told me that I didn't passed it. The next thing is, I didn't even feel bad about losing a job. I was happier that I am finally going home. Now that I am jobless, I am thinking of the dream job that I really want to pursue. It may sound weird to you but this blogging thing makes me happy, it makes me feel that I am not sad anymore and whatever that I am facing right now, it makes me feel fine. I don't care about people saying things against me. I don't care even if they measure my achievements by what material things I own. The important thing for me right now is that whenever I write things, take photos and read new things about the blogosphere I feel so inspired and all the mean people has no space in my life.

I also realized that life shouldn't be as complicated like what anyone of you may think. It's just a matter of living right. We don't need any material things just to live a happy life. Those aren't really needs. Those things are just things that we want. Happiness is free if we only learn on how to appreciate every little things around us such as sunrise, sunset, flowers and colors and many more to mention. Why make life worst when we can live a simple yet happy life? I've known people who are freaking messed up and blame their hardships to other people. Come to think about this, who live the life that we have? Who takes actions and think what's right and what's wrong? Is it really okay to blame other people for being miserable or can we just forget the past and learn to continue living life with purpose? 

Life is short, you decide. Count your blessings and learn to be thankful that we have this life not just to work hard and survive. We have this life to live happily and share our happiness to other people.

Happy Holy Week!


  1. Good luck dear.
    Always do what makes you happy.

    Love Vikee

  2. good luck :))))

  3. such a cute post
    follow for follow?

    hope you too visit my Blog <3

  4. Good luck!!! :)

  5. Such a nice write up!! BTW goodluck :)

    Adi xx


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