Patio Pacific Boracay Hotel Review

Last February, I went to Boracay Island and we stayed in one of the most comfortable hotels there. Patio Pacific Hotel is located at Boracay Island, station 2 where most of the bars and restaurants is also located. We had an amazing Valentines Day during our stay so let me tell you something about this hotel just in case you're planning to visit Boracay this coming summer or anytime you want.

Their staff were so kind and soon as we arrived, they offered us a free welcome drinks, a seashell necklaces and our hotel room keys. They did asked us about the reservation confirmation from the website that we used to booked for their hotel. (Well, I guess they should try to monitor it from their system so it won't be a hassle for the tiring guests to look for any more confirmation receipts of emails before entering the hotel or they should have been contacted the website and confirm it to them.)

The hotel room was clean and organize as soon as we arrived but due to lots of things that we brought, it looked liked this. (hehe) It has a mini refrigerator just in case you want some beers and soft drinks. 

It also has some space for charging, a hair dryer and a flat screen TV.

You can feel some cold with an air conditioner.

The front desk is open 24 hours so you can call them whenever you want to ask something regarding your stay or just order some cold drinks and food at Garden Cafe. One more thing is when I opened that drawer, I found a bible which made me feel nice. I mean, I had a nice impression of this hotel because I think not all hotels will think of having a bible inside their hotel rooms.

Every time we go out in the morning, we leave our hotel room so messy but it feels amazing that when we get back the room is so clean and refreshing.

This is the pool area if you want to go swimming, and you can get some towels too just in case you want to stay on the beach. You just have to give it back to the staff when you get back to the hotel.

They also have free breakfast and all I can say is the the food tastes yummy. They offer different kinds every morning. The buffet is at Garden Cafe. The waiters were polite and they are very approachable. (Though I must include that I hate how they throw me a not so cheerful look sometimes haha, but I understand that maybe they're just tired.)

This is one of the best part of Patio Pacific Hotel, you can take photos with this romantic background.

I also took photos of the comfort room. Don't worry if you didn't bring any shampoo and other things that you need for taking a shower because they already have free shampoo, conditioner, clean towels, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste.

 Photo by

For the adventurous people, they also have this climbing wall. We didn't had time to try it but it looks so cool. (Maybe on our next visit)

 Photo by

If you want to have some whiskey or any other drinks, they have this mini Jack Daniel's Bar near the Garden Cafe.

Photo by

This is the hotel facade. Our room was at the second floor second to the last. This hotel is just a few minutes walk to the Boracay shores. Over all, we had a nice stay at this hotel last February where we celebrated Valentines Day. We're planning to go back and definitely will book again at Patio Pacific Boracay. This hotel is just about three minutes walk to the beach and we absolutely like it and highly recommend.

That's all and hopefully I made a helpful review for those people who are wondering and looking for a nice hotel to stay at Boracay this coming summer.


  1. great patio:) have a nice Monday!

  2. wowwwwww nice post :)

  3. Nice pictures!!


  4. I've stayed @ patio pacific many times and I can truly agree with everything you experienced I love this hotel. .home away from home

    1. So true Roderick, this hotel is nice and what I like the most is their foods every morning :-)

  5. The hotels looks lovely (: and the rock climbing !! x

  6. amaaazing post! Looks like you had a great time :)) wish I could go there! <3

    new post on my blog! Visit if you like, I'd be thankful :))

  7. This hotel looks great and I really the food, which they offered there, it looks do delicious!


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