My Everyday Make-Up!

― Marilyn Monroe

I also love putting on my make-up every time I go out with my friends, or go to work every morning. I admit, I am not really good in doing my make up but I still want to share it to you! I am still learning thru colors, different shades and brands and I'm so happy that you guys are going to be part of this journey called beauty enhancement, yes of course it's all about makeup.
Continue reading as I share my step by step everyday make-up tutorial.

Please excuse my bared face. The first thing I do is to clean up my face with my favorite facial wash, a toner and a moisturizer.

I use Careline Oil Control Liquid Make-up as the base and its shade is called natural. I apply a few drops of this product on my fingers and blend it well on my face.

After the base, I set it with Ever Bilena pressed powder in the shade tan.

I need to fill in my eyebrows and I use an eyebrow pencil also from EverBilena.

I also use this brow pencil as an eye liner. I don't put on some eye shadows everyday so you can notice that I haven't focused on the eye makeup. (It's my personal style, you judge hehe)

For blush on and lip colors, I always use my Avon Makeup Brush set to apply it.

 Today, I choose the pink blush from my San San Makeup Kit. I don't like putting on too much blush on so in the pictures below, you can barely see it.

To compliment, I choose the light pink lip color to be on my face.

So here is the final look! Less is more!

I will be doing more makeup tutorial since I am studying, and trying to put them on (nicely). So forgive me on this one!


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