How to Color your Hair

Time's flying so fast and we're almost on the second week of January for 2015. I was looking at my old photos and suddenly, something caught my attention. As you can see the photo above, my hair has a reddish brown color. I can still recall that before the year 2014 ends, I dyed my hair the same brand with the same color. I did it just by myself and if some of you is wondering how to dye your hair, (this is what I did) continue reading.

  • First, you need to prepare the things that you need. So basically, you will need your favorite brand of hair coloring, a shower cap, a bowl to mix the dye, clips, rat-tail comb, dark or colored towels, an alcohol based facial toner, hair conditioner and your phone as a timer.
  • Before you start coloring your hair with your favorite brand you must at least tried it a day before as a part of the test because you might not know that you're allergic to it or you don't really like the color of it. I recommend testing it first on a small strands near your ear so you can see  if it suits your skin color.
  • The next thing is, you should follow the instructions on your hair coloring brand. Place the dark towels on your nape to protect your clothes from stain. With the help of the rat-tail comb, you should divide your hair into sections so you won't leave some without being dyed and secure it with the hair clips. A help of a friend is highly recommended because you can't see the back part of it.
  • After you dyed all of hair sections, wear your shower cap with all your hair inside and leave it for like 15 minutes depending on the instructions.
  • The last thing you will do is wash it with your favorite shampoo, then your conditioner. You do not want the hair coloring stains on your skin so use the alcohol based toner to remove it. Blow dry or air dry your hair.
I hope you learn from this and oh, this is just the procedure that I did, if ever you have your own and I did something wrong, you can tell me on the comments below.Cheers! Stay beautiful!

Reddish Brown Hair Coloring - HBC
Rattail Comb - HBC
Dark Towels and the rest mentioned - owned



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  4. I like to dyed my hair since 2014 too.. haha
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  5. great explaination :) I always color my mom's hair, this helps :)
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  6. Love your hair color! I recently colored it a similar color! (:

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  8. Nice post and ideas.

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