DIY Makeup Brushes Organizer

Here's another DIY for today! Are you tired of finding your makeup brushes? Do you want to have an organizer but you don't want to spend too much for buying it? Well, I have this idea for you to try. If you're a fruit-lover like me, I'm sure you'll find this DIY much interesting!

For this DIY, you'll need some things that you can always see and have in your house. First, you have to get some plastic fruits display. I'm sure you have some!

Next thing to have is a ribbon. you can choose whatever color you like. Mine's pink! Yes, I love pink (hehe)

You need to get your makeup brushes....

You should also get a plastic glass or container. (I have to say sorry, my kitty likes to hang out with me whenever they see a camera!)

Then, a cat.. (joking!) The next thing is you're going to put all the plastic fruits inside the container. Make sure you put it all until it's on the top.

Then put the ribbon around it.

Finally, it will look like this! Tadaaah!!!

The last thing is you're going to arrange all your make-up brushes inside the plastic container.

We're done! Here's the final look of my DIY. I know you've seen a lot of makeup organizer but I have to make my own version of it. I hope you like it!


  1. Thanks for the tip dear!
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  2. Wow Zane, lovely idea. Like it:)

  3. OMG!!! Thank you for this Xo I defo need a makeup brush organiser

  4. Cute idea! <3 Lovely!
    I'm following you :D

    Maki & Vana

  5. I need a makeup brush organiser, Its a nice idea!
    Thanks for follow us, we following you too!


  6. Nice DIY!
    Kisses from Brazil!

  7. Great idea!
    Want to follow each other on GFC & bloglovin etc.?
    Let me know!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  8. Thats so cool, great DIY

  9. Thats so cool, great DIY

  10. Nice post ;) Follow for follow?

  11. Wow nice idea, Thanks for sharing:)

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