December 2014 Favorites

Hey there ladies, today's January 7, 2015! Today's post is all about my December 2014 favorites. I know this post is late but it's better late than never. So let's start with the things that I got before Christmas Day. I went for a little shopping with my best friend named Soya and here are the things that I got. Not to mention it's only a few pieces.

Let's start with this jeans that I got from Bizaare. For those of you who don't really know where to find the Bizaare shop, it is usually located at SM Super Malls. I got this for only 299 pesos. I think it's really affordable and worth the price.

The next thing that I got is this black and gray stripes top from BNY. The price of this cute stripes is 350 pesos and it is on sale the time that I bought it from the original price of 450 so yeah, I got a cool discount.

As what you've seen on my previous post, I am wearing a blue nail polish and I got this Sapphire Blue San San nail polish at HBC.

 I like wearing belts so I decided to get myself one in gray and white colors. I got it from Unitop Merchandise. Just for you to know, Unitop is one of a well-known Chinese store here in our city. It has a lot of cute things for sale in a cheaper price.

Let's go with cosmetics. I am loving my Enchanted eyeshadow in which I can create a perfect smokey eyes. I want to show it to you guys next time. So yeah, maybe I can make a tutorial for that.

Again, for the eyes and brows I got a new Ever Bilena Eye Pencil.

I really like the San San Make-Up set so it'll be included for December favorites because the lip colors has been colorful for Christmas and I love how vibrant it was on my lips.

The set includes the lip colors above, the colorful eye shadows and two-colored blush.

 So there it is! All my December favorites!
What's yours? Let me know and write your comment below.

Jeans - Bizaare /  Top - BNY
Belt - Unitop Merchandise / Eye Shadows - Enchanted from WATSON
Eye Pencil - Ever Bilena / Make -Up Set - San San Cosmetics


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